Sunday, August 16, 2009

Empangan Temenggor, Gerik Perak

My previous posts me ada story pasal kerja kat Trang dan Pergau destination was ke Gerik. To be exact, at Temenggor Dam (TMGR) dan Bersia (BGCC). I'm posting gambar-gambar kat Temenggor je sebab ianya menarik, BGCC takde apa sangat. It's just a normal TNB's control centre at offices building but it is controlling the gugusan power station at Perak and also Pergau Power Station during after office hour. Yup...Pergau does not operated 24/7 like we at NTCC. Due to the agreement of buying power from IPP, all TNB's hidro power stations only being used as backup to the IPP's generated power.

The windy road, the only way to get to the Temenggor Dam. Kat tengah jalan nampak tak ada stool? I went like saying "banyaknya tahi lembu"...then our RO's personel replied, "itu tahi gajah la...". Me...."halamak....scary...".

The Power Station from a distance.

Yang macam jejantas tu adalah cable trunking from Temenggor Power Station to Temeggor Switchyard above.

Pintu air, where all the water goes out after spinning the turbine.

Posed "maut" with my colleuge. The two guys from the left are still single. Interested??? hehehe

Munching our snack....nak turun makan kat bawah jauh maaa....

The power station building.

See the wall behind?? That's the dam barrier. Can you imagine how close we are to the water level? Cannot? Wait till you see the picture of the lake.

Me...behind was the Temenggor dam/barrier.

Now it's time to visit the dam and the pump gate.

Arriving at the dam.

Khai, behind was Temenggor lake.

Me and Nik Raisyam (dunno the correct spelling)

Me of coz...behind was the Temeggor Power Station scenery. The building that we went before...lets try to imagine the water level from the power station.

Wanna threw up seing my face everywhere??? Here's the scene without me interframing.

4 jejaka, 2 dah kahwin dan yang lagi dua still available. Nah amik nombor handphone, 014- tekan-tekan tak dapat...hehehehe.

A big crane yang dah jadi macam pintu gerbang ke Temenggor switch yard.

Bergambar lagi...kali ni kat pump gate di Temenggor Switch Yard.

That's all folks. Thank's for reading.


Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Asu Bahiyah,

I am Fan from Penang.

I am very happy to see your sharing here about Empangan Temenggor. Because I am planning to have a trip to Tasik Temenggor.

May i know that the Empangan is open to public or not?

I can go up there to take photo or not ?

Thank you !!

Asu Bahiyah said...


I'm affraid that the dam was not opened to the public, but to be confirmed please query to the power station themself.


Anonymous said...


Oh, OK. Thanks for your suggestions !

Thank you and have a nice day !

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