Tuesday, March 2, 2010


As I told earlier, Farzana demam....and she had blisters kat area dagu and a red dots at het tip of tongue.....I was so worried, hanya tuhan je yang tahu....mungkinkah HFMD???? The tongue must caused her in pain because she refused to eat her favourite nasi and sup ayam, hanya nak menyusu dari mama and drink a lot of chilled water.

So I've carefully inspected her palms and feet...in case ada blisters around. Alhamdulillah takde....and I've refered to the doctor and she said "If there's no blister around palms and feet, there's nothing to worry". The doctor suspected maybe Farzana caught a bacterias infection (we do called it as hama) or it caused by a superhot enviroment that we are having these days...

By the end of the day when my hubby arrived from office, he complaining that he had a red dots on his tip of tongue too. What a coincidence??? Then I know that Farzana is really far away from HFMD....praise to Allah....

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