Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tragedi Simbah Asid di Sekolah Kebangsaan Bukit Bandaraya, Bangsar - Sambungan

Another related news article on the "Acidman" incident.

KUALA LUMPUR: The alert level against the lone motorcyclist who attacked at least 13 people with an unknown liquid was raised after it was learnt that he could have used acid on his latest victim.

The victim, SMK Bukit Bandaraya teacher Norhayati Sarafudin, suffered serious burns to her face and was still warded at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital after the attack on Thursday.

Her condition was listed as stable, but her injuries showed that she may have been attacked with a substance that was more potent the one used against the assailant's other victims.

In the previous attacks, the victims received outpatient treatment after suffering burning sensations on their skin, but Norhayati's injuries were more serious.

The victim's husband , who declined to be identified, said even Norhayati's clothes and headscarf were burnt by the liquid.

"The interior of her car was also damaged, including the electronic system of the power steering," said her husband, who did not allow his wife to be photographed or interviewed. He said the attack occurred about 4pm when she was driving out of the school compound.

"A motorcyclist drew abreast of her and threw the liquid at her through an open window. When my wife stopped the car, several people came rushing to her thinking her car was on fire as there was a lot of smoke.

"Only after she started screaming that she had been splashed with a liquid did they realise what had happened."

One of her student's parents drove Norhayati to her house nearby where she took a shower and changed her clothes before sending her to a medical centre in Bangsar.

"Since her injuries were serious, she was referred to the KLH where she is still warded. Doctors said her eyes were spared as she was wearing spectacles," her husband said.

He also showed the damage to Norhayati's car, which was still parked at the school compound. There was also an acidic smell when he opened the car door.

Brickfields district police chief Assistant Commissioner Wan Abdul Bari Wan Abdul Khalid said the liquid had yet to be identified by the Chemistry Department. Police had announced that the assailant was believed to be dark-skinned and in his 30s. He usually rode a Yamaha motorcycle.
Those with information can contact the Brickfields district police headquarters at 03-22742222 or the nearest police station.

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