Friday, August 5, 2011

Complaint On Heinz Baby Food

Ini email aku kepada diorang...dah seminggu hantar tapi takde respon apa-apa pun.
Takpelah, pasni aku taknak beli lagi dah....
Aku beli pun sekadar untuk backup bila time aku tak sempat masak bubur untuk Muhammad.
Untuk mommies yang memang guna produk ni, please be careful ye...takut tersuap bendasing ke mulut anak kita je...


My name is **** from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, a mother to a 1 year and 2 months old baby boy. I fully breastfed him from the day he was born and my son take solid food since he was 6 months old. In order to make sure the bests for him, I usually fed him with my home cooked food. Since that age also I will buy Heinz bottled/jar product for the time which I cannot provide him with my own cooked food (like almost twice a week).

I choose your product after a good review from friends and some other mommies out there who shared their review on the net. As assumption that Heinz product are safe and full of nutritious for babies, I continued feeding my baby boy with your various range of bottled baby food. His favorites are the Heinz Organic – Golden Vegetable Mash.

After more than 7 month feeding him with Heinz product, one day something that really disappointed me happened. The incident has ripped my confidence that Heinz only produced the best and safest food for babies. During his feeding time, I spoon-feed his favorites Heinz bottled food into his mouth and after a while he took something out from his mouth with his bare fingers. It was a small pieces inside which at first glance look like a chunk of carrot or pumpkin. But after I take a better look and inspection, it turned out to be a small piece of plastic chip or a sticky tape.

My heart pounded so hard because I was damned worried of what could just happened if my baby boy accidently swollen the “thing”. I was lucky that my baby if big enough to use his fingers and taken out the “thing” from his mouth. Imagine that he was just 6 months’ old, he would definitely swallow everything we put into his mouth…all together with the plastic chip which could damage his immature digestion system. Or worse, it could choke him to death.

My disappointment regarding the incident will make me to think twice before grabbing all your products on the store shelves. I hope this incident will not happen again in the future. It could risk a human life or make the baby sick for the rest of her/his life. It is our duties to make sure the babies are provided with only the best and safest food during their growing stage.



Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Gambar bendasing yang aku jumpa kat dalam baby food tu. Tapi sayang....gambar ni aku takleh nak attached sekali dengan email aku kat diorang.

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